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Site author: Mahesh Basantani

The site of the biophiles, for the biophiles and by the biophiles: A dedicated resource serving the molecular biology and biotechnology research fraternity. The site has been divided into some basic sections like Arabidopsis, Databases, Caenorhabditis, Tutorials, Protocols, Microarrays, etc. These have been linked to lots of resources available on the web. Some sections, like Bioinformatics, have been subdivided into Primer Design, RNA Analysis, Protein Structure, Restriction Sites, Alignments, etc., and linked to online sequence (DNA, RNA or protein) analysis tools.
We know we haven't done anything award-winning, and in line with not doing anything award-winning we are also giving a toolbar like everyone. The Biophile Toolbar has been designed specially for the scientific community. With the toolbar PubMed, ScienceDirect, etc. can be reached in a single click. Download it to know more of it.
The latest feeds from many science news sites like Physorg, Science Daily, etc have also been provided. They are updated periodically.
Hope you have a great surfing!

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